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I got to know and appreciate Sifu Mock during a seminar in December 2022 in Kiel. Impressive his performance so far as a student and excellent teacher. Rarely have I seen someone learn and practice so meticulously. I got to train with him, which was a wonderful experience for me. I myself, more than twice his age, got to know him as very respectful and friendly. His students in Trier at his academy can consider themselves lucky to learn from and with him. He is just great and I wish Sifu Mock more great successes
Josef DavidJosef David
14:00 23 Jan 23
The academy offers a diverse training program that includes various elements (form exercises, self-defence, body awareness, combat applications, cardio and strength units). The atmosphere among the members is friendly and respectful, they work together to improve their own skills. Instructors are responsive to student suggestions and needs and rarely fail to explain. In principle, the training is open to all ages and can be mastered by people of different physical fitness levels.
Dominik DDominik D
16:00 05 Jan 23
Effective martial arts training that inspires and motivates you to work on yourself. In addition, elements of self-defense and a very nice and well-organized community 👌
Anna WucherAnna Wucher
06:38 01 Dec 22
I can't say anything other than that everything is perfect. You are motivated and carried away on a physical and emotional level. Sifu is a visionary and infects you with great passion.This is truly the best academy I've been to.
Nicolas FiebrandtNicolas Fiebrandt
09:28 29 Aug 22
I've been a member of the WT Academy for almost 14 years - and I still have fun training! Very good trainers with different teaching styles and training content teach the entire spectrum of WingTsun in theory and practice: from concrete self-defence when attacking on the street to "internal" WT. The health training ChiKung is also highly recommended. And last but not least: I find the training atmosphere in the "temple room" very pleasant and the teaching equipment plentiful.
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